On August 4, our Junior School Sustainable Spartans rolled up their sleeves to celebrate National Tree Day, planting an impressive 250 trees at Wyangan Creek. This marks another step in the ongoing restoration efforts at this valuable part of our school.

The day's activity was led by the committed trio of ambassadors, Hannah Sun, Audrey Fraser, and Evie Cardone. They rallied a group of around 30 Sustainable Spartans and support crew to tackle the task, proving that many hands make light - and enjoyable - work.

It was a hands-on learning experience, with everyone digging in and getting a little dirt on their jeans in the process. But beyond the fun and positive energy, the event also served as a lesson in the importance of trees to our ecosystem.

As is the message of National Tree Day, every tree planted is a step towards a greener future, and our Sustainable Spartans have certainly taken us a few strides forward.

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