For the very first time, the Gold Coast was host to the National Age and Open swimming championships held in April. The National Age event was held from 5 to 12 April and included the multiclass competition for both age and open competitors, while the National Open event was held from the 14 to 18 April.

This is the most elite level of competition held in Australia and very strict qualifying times are required to compete. For the Open level swimmers, this was the lead up event to the 2021 Olympic Games Trials to be held in Adelaide in June.

Swimmers from both the Somerset Swim Club and Somerset College attended these events and there were some outstanding results.

National Age Championships Medal Winners

  • Sebastine Du Preez (Boys 16 years Multiclass): 3rd 100m Breaststroke, 3rd 50m Breaststroke
  • Tom Gallagher (Men’s Open Multiclass) - 1st 400 Freestyle, 2nd 50m Freestyle, 2nd 100m Freestyle and 2nd 200m Freestyle
  • Milla Jansen (Girls 14 years) – 3rd 100m Freestyle, 2nd 200m Freestyle, 2nd 400m Freestyle, 3rd 800m Freestyle
  • Holly Hembling (Girls 13 years) – 3rd in 100m and 200m Breaststroke


  • Cameron Donovan (Boys 17 years) - 7th 200m Breaststroke
  • Andrew Parkinson (Men’s Open Multiclass) - 4th 50m Backstroke and 7th 100m Backstroke
  • Tristan Song (Boys 15 years) - 9th 100m Breaststroke


Jaxon Brimble, Bessie Dear, Ciara Fay, Gisele Howard, Ethan McCullough, Isabelle Sly, Aveline Rounsley and Sasha Henrison.

National Open Championships Medal winners

  • Olivia Collins (Girls 18 and 19 years) – 2nd 100m Butterfly
  • Tom Nowakowski (Boys 20 and 21 years) – 3rd 50m Freestyle
  • Jack Taylor (Boys 18 and 19 years) – 3rd 50m Butterfly
  • James Roberts (Men’s Open) - 3rd 50m Freestyle

Somerset swimmers who also competed, some at their first Open Championships also included Ky Codd, Cameron Donovan, Tomas Elliot, Matthew Flaherty, Andrew Newling, Ellena Perry, Leon Shirayama, and Charlie Stelle.

Well done to all of these athletes and the coaches who supported them at these meets.

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