On Wednesday 15 February, Somerset College hosted the annual Senior APS Swimming Carnival and this year was a great event. Our Spartans faced some really tough competition pushing themselves to the limits and came back with some truly outstanding individual results. Somerset had five of our students earn age champion medals which is an outstanding achievement.

There were quite a few records broken too. Milla Jansen set new records in both the Open Girls 100-metre Freestyle and 50-metre freestyle events, and Holly Hembling broke the 16 Girls 50-metre Breaststroke record. On top of that, Somerset also managed to break two medley relay records. The first was the 16 year old Girls team including Sasha Henrison, Holly Hembling, Bessie Dear, and Abigail Brinkworth as well as the open girls with Milla Jansen, Kyla Brown, Avie Rounsley, and Skye Laube.

By the end of the day, Somerset College placed third in the 13-year-old girls' division, third in the 13-year-old boys, first in the 14-year-old boys, second in the 15-year-old girls, first in the 16-year-old girls, second in the 16-year-old boys, first in the Open Girls, and second in the Open Boys. It was a real team effort and the girls received second place overall, while the boys earned third place overall - an outstanding achievement. 

In the end, Somerset College came in second overall, missing out on the top spot by less than 40 points. This is Somerset’s best result in many, many years and who knows, could lead into victory in 2024!

We couldn't be prouder of our Spartans, and we want to extend a huge thank you to Mrs Candice McKenna and all the staff who made the carnival possible. You truly outdid yourselves! Go Spartans!

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