This week saw the start of an exciting new programme at Somerset College. Our in-house Exercise Physiologist is working with our students to help them achieve their personal success.

While PE classes have always conducted a battery of fitness tests throughout the year, we have now engaged the services of Dr Annette Eastwood (ex-South Australian Institute of Sport and AIS Olympic Triathlon) to conduct a series of tests and report on her findings. Each student will receive their own fitness profile and have the opportunity to either engage in an elite pathway sports programme or a core fitness skill catch up programme.

Research supports the link between fine and gross motor skill development and cognitive function. The self confidence gained from proficiency in a core of basic fitness tests is a safety net against the self doubt often present through adolescence.

While all of our Sports programmes are open to all students, some students are unaware of their base level of proficiency; if an above average competency is demonstrated, students may be invited to try one of elite Sports pathways.

The elite Sports programmes will see Dr Eastwood engaged in follow up physiological testing to help provide the academic background for our students along with the motivation that comes from evidence-based feedback.

With screen time being the recreational activity of choice for many people these days, we have seen some students with quite poor core fitness skills. These children may be totally unaware of their own fitness profile and once engaged, will hopefully take advantage of our magnificent gym and staff. Emma Sturges, our new Strength and Conditioning Coach, will be organising sessions to suit all age and ability levels for children who wish to engage in a fitness improvement programme.

We are very excited about the new opportunities for every child to achieve their own “personal success” through fitness.

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