Now gather around young Spartans, there’s a story to be told,
Of an Olympian in the making, and his quest for Green and Gold.
And a very valuable message, a lesson we should all take,
To never give up on your dreams, no matter what’s at stake.
So, listen very carefully, and keep those thoughts in check,
As I share with you the story of Alexander Beck.

From the fields of Wyangan, at a very young age,
To the Olympics in Tokyo, on the world’s biggest stage.
And in doing so became a member, of an illustrious group,
Our history will tell you, they’re a very fine troupe.

Carrigan, Lindores, and Fargus counts too,
(even though it was Great Britain for whom she swam through.)
They all carried our flag, the best of the best,
To the Olympic Rings, from our Somerset Crest.

If the definition of perseverance, is to achieve and overcome,
It’s Alex Beck in the 400m, who showed how it’s done.
To run his own race, and forget about the rest,
With a time of 45.54 – a personal best.
So, thank you Alex Beck, class of 2009
For aspiring to excellence at the age of 29.

A reminder to us all, that dreams can come true.
And no matter the struggle, keep surging like you.
When the light at the tunnel, doesn’t seem all that bright
Keep showing up, soldier on, keep fighting the fight.

So, there you go young Spartans, be the best you can be.
And never lose sight, of the dream you can see.
Because if it’s taking a while, just stop for a sec,
And think for a minute, of the great Alex Beck.

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