Each of the three programmes of the International Baccalaureate provides students with an opportunity to engage and complete a student-centred culminating project. For the Middle Years’ Programme (MYP), it is the Personal Project.

The Personal Project offers students that opportunity to develop an area of personal interest and bring together their learning from the Middle Years’ Programme through inquiry, action and reflection. Every year, the quality of work produced is a testament to our students. We congratulate our Year 10 students this year on successfully completing their projects.

As our students complete their fifth and final year of the Middle Years’ Programme, it is a time for reflection on their learning journey. The Personal Project helps to prepare students for further education projects and helps them to develop key skills. The skills learnt of organisation and time management are invaluable. There are strong links between the MYP culminating project and core elements of the Diploma Programme – the Extended Essay, Theory of Knowledge Presentations and Creativity, Action, Service (CAS) – which offer students the challenge of creating a significant piece of work over time.

Our students this year completed their project in challenging and unique times. They were often pushed out of their comfort zones and with the support of their mentors, family, peers and friends, have created projects that are diverse and in-depth inquiries into areas of their choice.

As our Year 10 students move forward into Year 11 and the academic challenges that will bring, they can do so with confidence that they are developing the tools needed for success.

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