The Sustainable Spartans have launched an exciting initiative on campus, The Somerset Recycling Depot. These Green Bins are located next to the loading bay at the Ray Building.

You can bring in the following items for recycling:

  • soft plastics
  • sporting goods (preloved)
  • reading glasses (preloved)
  • stationary (gently used)
  • empty ink cartridges
  • bathroom containers (that wouldn’t go in a regular recycling bin, such as empty toothpaste tubes)

There are also bins for bottles and cans for students to use while on campus.

The students, teachers and parents of the Sustainability Spartans – have organized this rather amazing service and all we have to do is use it!

(Parent volunteers for the sorting and delivery of certain items are MOST welcome.)

Questions? Want to help? Please contact Katie Norman on [email protected]

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