The following is from the Prep Class of 2010, the Senior Class of 2022, who knitted a scarf for the Headmaster.

The scarf is one of the Headmaster's most treasured possessions and features on House Carnival days where it always attracts many comments and enquiries.

Thank you Ethan R, Lauren C, Lauren M, Ella P, Sam R, Kade R, Sophie V, Joe W, Angus M, Jackson M, Mackenzie C, James T, and Debby K for making it to Yr 12 and making the scarf way back in 2010. And thanks to the indomitable Mrs Copperwaite. 

Once upon a time …

We saw our Headmaster watching the Athletics Carnival. The wind was a little chilly and we noticed lots of people wearing a scarf to keep cosy and warm … but not Mr Bassingthwaighte!!

So … we had an idea! … We could knit Mr B a scarf, using the Somerset House Colours.

Our knitting started …. Everyone was excited! Parents were keen to take a turn.

Our Dads took up the challenge. And the scarf began to GROW!

Our knitting words described our actions, ‘In, around, back and off’.

The red couch was a comfortable place to knit.

Families, even Grandmas, joined in the fun.

The ‘Long Red Scarf’ book was an inspiration!

Friends waited patiently for a turn … busy busy busy

Colour by colour, centimetre by centimetre.

Writing down the measurements.

Working as a team … Franklin finished …. now Andrews.

Knitting is fun!

Knitting at the pool …. Knitting on the verandah …

Let’s measure ….

Great progress!

Onto the next colour … green for Laver.

Younger brothers admired our work!

‘In, around, back and off …’

Reading the words as we knit ….

Let’s check the length!

Franklin, Andrews, Laver, Starkey. Ready to add Veivers!

Nearly finished!!!!!!

Time to cast off … counting backwards as each stitch is completed


We hope you like your scarf Mr B.

Love Prep (AC) 2010

To say the scarf has been well used and is much appreciated on the cooler days would be an understatement. Thank you, Prep AC 2010!

Craig Bassingthwaighte, Headmaster

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