Our neighbours, Clover Hill State School recently held a STEM educational event, To Infinity, STEM and Beyond, where the Somerset Science Committee presented an impactful visual and auditory science show to young scientists from schools across the Gold Coast.

This gathering of students allowed for exploration of all things Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. A select 12 Year 2 Somerset students attended with their teacher, Mrs Katherine Zernike, and like-minded scientists from six other schools to compete in various activities with a Toy Story theme.

These included:

  • Woody’s Wooden Tower - practicing structural engineering to make the tallest stable tower out of wooden sticks.
  • Toy Soldier Parachute Drop - investigating the aerodynamics of parachutes with cardboard, plastic bags, and string.
  • Alien Claw Grab - developing a functional claw grabber out of cardboard, string and straws.
  • Finding Andy - using programming to guide a robotic ball through a maze.

Congratulations to the Somerset attendees for attaining third place, with the top three places being within 80 points of each other.

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