Our Year 12 QCE Drama students completed their last internal Drama assessment in Week 5. Focusing on Greek Tragedy, the students were tasked to transform the inherited text of Medea, written by Euripides, manipulating Contemporary conventions with the goal of reshaping the dramatic meaning and context, to capture the attention of a modern audience. The students' work demonstrated sophisticated manipulation of convention and was executed with acting skill. We also got to view Medea through the eyes of our IB Diploma Theatre student, Noah Jay, as he shared his progress on his upcoming research project: The role of ritualistic movement within a Greek chorus.

Studying Senior Drama offers students the ability to hone their craft and discover their identity as an artist. Throughout Units 1 to 4 students develop their ability to perform, design, direct and devise. Furthermore, the Senior Drama Syllabus is structured around the development of 21st Century Skills. Identified by the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority as skills and attributes students need to prepare them for higher education, work and engagement in a complex and rapidly changing world. Senior Drama students are critical and creative thinkers who develop the confidence to communicate their ideas within collaborations, then transfer these ideas onto the stage. They work to develop personal and social skills and explore an innovative use of ICT throughout their creative process.

Congratulations Year 12 Drama students! We take pride in knowing the skill set you have developed over the course of your studies will allow you to continually achieve personal success.

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