During the school holidays, a group of Somerset College triathletes had the opportunity to visit Bond University and undertake some jumps testing on the force plate in the biomechanics laboratory. This is part of a collaborative project between Somerset College and Bond University which aims to improve running performance using plyometric training.

The students were asked to perform three different types of jumps on a force plate in the floor that measures the amount of force exerted.

Over the next few weeks, the students will undertake plyometric training as part of their triathlon training program. At the end of the training program the students will visit the laboratory again for further testing on the force plate, to determine whether the training has improved their performance. The project is being delivered by a group of Exercise and Sport Science students at Bond University under the supervision of Somerset College Sports Physiologist Dr Annette Eastwood (also Adjunct Assistant Professor at Bond University) and Mr Glauber Correa, Somerset College Triathlon Coach.

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