The power of an excursion to inspire, intrigue and captivate our students is an key educational activity, connecting our students with the real world.

Recently our Year 9 to 10 Digital Design students attended the University of Queensland’s Big Day In, an event that showcases the vibrant world of Information Technology careers. 

The students engaged with a variety of speakers and explored a range of IT roles. Representatives from the Australian Signals Directorate emphasised the essential skills needed for code-breaking and protecting our national infrastructure. Banking experts discussed the importance of financial security, while logistics professionals explored how data science is integral to supply chain management. This excursion shed light on the rewarding aspects of these careers and their significance in our society.

During the breaks, the students had the opportunity to network with peers from other schools and IT professionals. The presenters were on the lookout for the next generation of tech-savvy individuals. Hearing the personal stories of IT professionals was inspiring, and provided opportunities for students to discuss potential career paths, mentorship or internship prospects in both the public and private sectors.

"The Big Day In was an incredible experience and allowed me to expand my career options, as I was exposed to new pathways and gained valuable insights from those currently in the field."

Overall, the day sparked a keen interest in technology and the necessary skills for the digital age.

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