The Student Leadership Team recently hosted a chapel service for all Senior School students, with the focus topic of ‘sharing’. We offer one of our College Captains’, (Ava McCarthy) reflection:

If I asked you the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word “sharing”, most of you would probably remember what we were taught when we were little; “sharing is caring”. Even though this seems like a simple concept, there is so much more to gain from sharing than we think.

In many ways, sharing is really about kindness. Through sharing with others, we can take just a tiny amount of our own energy and devote it to someone else, to make their day just that little bit better. Whether we share a conversation, a hug, a snack, or some laughter, sharing just a few seconds of our time could just be what makes someone else’s day.

One of my favorite ways to share is through time. Whether this be two minutes striking a conversation with a teacher you don’t know so well, five minutes sharing a laugh with your friends, or even ten seconds to stop and simply say ‘hello’, sharing can bring so much genuine joy, from such a little amount of effort.

As we cross the halfway mark of what I'm sure we can all agree has been a very busy term, it is so important that we are there for each other. We should remember that we’re all in the same boat, sharing the same feelings, emotions, stress and thoughts – something I personally seem to notice can get easily forgotten as we get a little overwhelmed.

So, in those times you may feel isolated, remember that the hundreds of people surrounding you are not so different, and not so far away. Because if we all remember to share just that little bit of energy or that little bit of time, we can be reminded of our connection to each other, and the impacts our actions have on the community.

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