In the Digital Design classroom, Year 10 students are not just passive learners; they’re active participants in shaping the future. Through projects like constructing an IoT Light Cube, they’re unlocking the potential of the Internet of Things (IoT)—a key to thriving in our increasingly digital world. This hands-on experience goes beyond mere decoration; it’s a practical exploration of technology that can lead to smarter, more sustainable living.

Studying IoT is far from dull; it’s an engaging journey of discovery. As students piece together the digital and physical realms, they become tech detectives, unravelling the workings of smart devices. This playful investigation fosters a deep understanding of how to harness technology for betterment—skills that are essential as our world grows more interconnected.

Our Digital Design curriculum is designed to prepare students for a future that’s still unfolding. By mastering IoT, they’re not only gearing up for emerging careers but also learning to be responsible digital citizens. They’re poised to make meaningful contributions to society, using technology to enhance our lives and care for our planet.

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