The Year 11 cohort has proven to be resilient sailors in the toughest of conditions. As part of the Year 11 leadership programme, undertaken once a fortnight over the course of the year, students have been learning about leadership styles and undertaking activities to build their skills in collaboration, learning how to support and motivate others, communicate effectively, and understanding their own and each other’s strengths.

The first term of these sessions culminated in a House raft building challenge which took place this week in the school pool. Each House split into teams of ‘Engineers’ and ‘Sailors’ with the Engineers tasked to use various pieces of equipment, from wooden planks to pool noodles and empty barrels, to lash together a raft in 15 minutes. After this time, it was up to the Sailors to do a relay sail/swim/sink across the pool four times. 

All teams did an incredible job using what simple equipment they had to construct a range of raft designs, all while the rain poured down! Thankfully the skies cleared for the sailors to cast off with Andrews House leading all the way and doing an amazing job working together to win the Golden Paddle trophy. Starkey and Veivers followed close behind despite Starkey’s raft threatening to completely disintegrate at one point.

All in all, the Year 11s had a great time and supported each other in a most impressive way. Well done to all students who gave it a go despite the weather without any complaint and with smiles on their faces. Thank you to David Maskell for helping with the set up and safety, Ms Lee, Ms Green, Mr Whish-Wilson, Mr Healy, Mr Kolokihakaufisi, and Mr Butcher for supporting the students and enabling this activity. And thanks to Ms Higgs and Mr Peel for braving the weather to document the fun. Year 11 can now look forward to Leadership Day in the final week of this term.

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