At Somerset, we believe in the development of a caring College community and a strong network of support for our students. This year, Year 12 students offered their lunchtime to the Senior School student body, extending their friendship and leadership in their own unique endeavour they named, ’12 Time’.

The class of 2021, led by School Captains Nicholas Tan and Hannah Kennedy and Vice Captains, Leigh Amores and Patrick Sowerby, encouraged their Pastoral Care Group members in Years 7 to 11, to join them on the Quad at lunch time for food, games, music and fun! It was a pleasure to see students from a range of year levels socialising together in this engaging, supportive setting.

Nick, Hannah, Leigh and Patrick collaborated like true leaders with myself and Mr Nicholas Brice to make the ’12 Time’ launch a great success. Along with the whole cohort, I am very proud of their efforts.

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