The Year 2 cohort were very excited to display their new skills they have been acquiring during the Strings Programme recently. Parents and Prep friends were invited to the Roberts Theatre to observe students proudly play their violas, violins, cellos and double basses.

The concert was a wonderful way to celebrate the commitment children have demonstrated towards practicing their instruments.  What a joy it was to see their faces light up as they performed on the stage.

A special thank you to Mrs Moffatt, Mrs Hopkins, Mrs Yuki and Mr Keczan who are their dedicated Strings teachers. 

Students commented, “I felt proud”, “even though I was nervous, I was a risk-taker” and “I felt happy and excited playing my instrument”. 

Year 2 friends will continue to master their craft for the rest of the year, ready for another concert in Term Four.

Congratulations, Year 2 Maestros!

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