The Year 3 students became budding scientists during this year's Science Week festivities. They hypothesised and explored how the world works through learning engagements designed and led by our Senior Science Committee students and their teachers. 

These hands on, explosively cool experiments allowed the Year 3 students to inquire into all strands of science and get their hands dirty with rotations consisting of: making a volcano out of a lemon that erupted in colour, popping sounds created by hydrogen, the interaction of forces by creating shapes and racing cars - topped off with the dissection of a cow’s heart and an introduction on the importance of our veins and arteries.

If that wasn’t enough, the senior students continued to dazzle us with an afternoon presentation that included dry ice changing colour; demonstrating pH levels that looked like magic, as well as a hydrogen pop with fiery balloons and a real set of lungs that were inflated with air!

Back in the classrooms, the Year 3 students got to meet and greet a few famous scientists (who coincidently resembled the Year 3 teachers) to link with our note taking lessons and information report writing this term.

Science week is always an exciting time and our senior students were wonderful role models to our young, upcoming scientists. The Year 3s can’t thank them enough for the outstanding effort organising and leading these interactive learning experiences.

As Marie Curie once said, "I am among those who think that science has great beauty," and we certainly do agree in Year 3, at Somerset College.

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