My experience whilst away on camp was astonishing. As soon as I arrived at Noosa North Shore Retreat, my jaw dropped! The outstanding habitat felt just right.

Next thing I knew, the announcement of activity groups and cabin groups began. I nervously prayed to get a good cabin group. I was relieved that I had my friends, and by then, I knew this adventure would be one of the best journeys I’ve been on.

Patiently, I finally arrived at Cabin 11, and tucked into making myself feel right at home. A few hours passed and it was time to scurry into my afternoon activity which was rock-climbing and mountain-biking. It was for sure, one of the best journeys and I was definitely expecting more.

In a blink of an eye, we all dined. As we ate dinner, we all jabbered about our activities and how much fun they had been.

Before I knew it, we were back on the bus waving and thanking the instructors for being there for us. I waved goodbye to the kangaroos hopping around. I waved goodbye to the beautiful place I had stayed, which I had called home for three days.

On arrival back at school, I jumped into mum’s hands, relieved I was back home. Back to where I belonged.

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