The knowledge Year 5s amassed while researching their Primary Years Project culminated in the recently held PYP Exhibition. The cohort presented their findings to Junior School students throughout the day in the rooms of the Aitkenhead Building.

“Feel, imagine, do and share”, our PYP Exhibition statement lead us to success. It was an experience that taught us skills to take into our next journey into the MYP. Everyone worked at their best and I was mind blown with all the interactives; each one was unique and engaging.

The visuals were detailed, showing the time the students took to work on them. Our mentor teachers were very helpful, they gave us advice and expert knowledge, helping to settle our nerves.

The Year 5 students took action by being knowledgeable ambassadors for each issue on display, speaking enthusiastically with confidence about their issue to the students of the Junior School. Teamwork was displayed at a very high standard as we worked together to make it fun, interactive and the most memorable day of the year.

Kaitenan Weintrop, 5P

PYP Exhibition was a great inquiry where Year 5 investigated issues across the whole world, not just Australia. We learnt about challenges that people and animals face such as poverty, global warming, habitat loss, malnutrition and other issues around the world.

The 2020 PYP Exhibition was a fun and interesting experience for all of us. Before the Exhibition day, we started with fun classroom learning experiences and tasks and we then chose our topics and began our research. I chose child poverty and was put in a, 'How we organize ourselves' group with Anika Dawson, Mia Graham, Patrick Geng and Grace Pan. I had page after page of research from websites and books and even interviewed an expert in dealing with poverty as my primary source. After I gathered all my information, I began displaying our research in our visuals and interactives. I made three visuals and two interactives plus the poster I worked on with my group.

Once everything was ready, the big day finally came. As my group and I stood at our learning centre, I taught the Junior School about where and why child poverty existed and shared information about the causes and impacts of child poverty. My group also taught the junior school about the impact of malnutrition and homelessness. As we were interacting with some of the junior school, so were many other groups who all worked just as hard to share what they had learned and help educate others in the Junior School. The whole of Year 5 did an exceptional job at PYP Exhibition that day.

After the PYP Exhibition, I was very proud of myself and I imagine so was everyone else. I think during the PYP Exhibition I used a number of skills - self-management, thinking, social and research skills. I was open-minded and listened to everyone’s ideas and worked well in the group. I was a thinker when creating the posters and made sure I didn’t waste too much paper! The 2020 PYP Exhibition was an experience that I will never forget and if I had the chance, would love to do again. I had lots of fun while at the same time, learned lots of new things about the world.

Aidan Brinkworth, 5P

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