Our Cairns trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity. From small fish swimming beside you, to huge trees towering above you. Everything went so smoothly, and everybody had a smile on their face. 

The t-shirt designs were eye catching and stood out, everybody knew where you were! The hats looked stunning, and each name had a different personality added to it, which was sure to make you laugh. We had the amazing opportunity to go to the Great Barrier Reef for a whole day. The instructors taught us so much on how to take care of the reef and what marine life lived within it. The crystal-clear water with millions of fish swimming around made you want to jump in the moment you saw it. The Daintree rainforest walk was historical and entertaining as well as extraordinary to be able to stand in a sacred sight, and for the first time, we all enjoyed getting muddy and bitten alive. The lollies at Kuranda were soon regretted as it made everybody have a sugar rush. Kuranda Scenic railway was sure to take your breath away within moments during the peaceful ride looking at the stunning waterfalls and mountains that took to the skies. The crocodiles’ teeth were as large as your hand and most stood back, cowering in the corner trying their best to hide their fear.

The airport ride home was hard, nobody wanted to leave. After the airport, when we arrived in Brisbane and hopped on the bus everybody could feel urge in their belly, the feeling of being so close to home, but also a ting a dread, not wanting to say goodbye to the stunning adventure. When we arrived back, everybody was so grateful. We were the luckiest children on Earth, thanks to the wonderful teachers who organised and even had the bravery to take all of Year 6on this wonderful trip.

- Xanthe Stewart, Year 6G


On a cold but memorable morning on Monday 30 May 2022, Year 6 embarked on the annual Cairns trip. On this incredible journey, we discovered thousands of years of history in the Daintree Rainforest and Mossman Gorge, explored the Great Barrier Reef and put on our ever-protective bucket hats to get up close and personal with the iconic Northern Queensland animal … the Crocodile!

Throughout these experiences we have cemented countless friendships and instilled an everlasting bond between the Year 6 cohort. A special thank you goes to the teachers and staff who accompanied and supported us on the trip. You were patient, kind and understanding (even when we were tired, grumpy students) but above all else you made this trip enjoyable. The Year 6 students are forever grateful.
- Angus Fraser, Year 6S

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