This week the Year 7 cohort gathered in the Suzanne Roberts Centre for Performing Arts to have their Year Level meeting. To kickstart, a group of students introduced various activities Somerset has to offer.

These included House Plays, Debating, Musical, APS Swimming, Cross Country Camp and E-Sports. There was sure to be something for everyone! Next, the 'Camp Commendation' and 'Student of the Week' awards were handed out. Congratulations to all the recipients!

At every Year Level meeting, students are given the opportunity to perform in front of their peers and teachers. As it was our first meeting, we didn’t really know what to expect. It was incredible to see the variety of talent on stage. Anika L, Jasmine S and Jenna L performed an amazing violin version of pop song Senorita. Lachie M and Sasha H entertained us with a spectacular trumpet piece from Jazz band, All My Loving. The room went still with serenity when Nadia played her classical guitar solo. Finally, everyone got to their feet and danced to the tunes composed by Hugh C.

For a bit fun, Benji and I decided to present our Battle of the Dad Jokes - Try not to laugh edition. Naturally, we had to select a dad from the audience to be our volunteer. Mr Grocott was the obvious choice. We each attempted to make him laugh by telling our favourite dad jokes. Whilst the audience erupted in laughter, Mr Grocott held a straight face the entire time until one joke finally cracked him! All in all, it was great fun but I do think we need to prepare some even funnier jokes to get him next time!

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