Seven groups, who were voted by their peers to represent their class, presented a two-minute slide show in The Boardroom with Headmaster, Mr Bassingthwaighte and Chief Operating Officer, Mr Thornton.

The IAS students were very excited to have the opportunity to discuss their work with our Headmaster and Finance Manager on what they identified as a problem and solution within their school environment.

The groups did Year 7 proud as they succinctly voiced their ideas for improvement for the betterment of their peers and those who enter our school grounds.

Mr Bassingthwaighte and Mr Thornton gave excellent feedback to each group and the questions they asked were answered confidently and very professionally by each of the Year 7 group members.

The students felt very proud of their efforts and could see that being proactive and voicing their concerns in a productive way may possibly lead to the change that they were hoping for.

They said they felt very ‘professional’ presenting their ideas to the College Leadership Team especially in the setting of the Boardroom!

This task was an introduction to their IDU unit which is starting in Week 7/8 this term on Entrepreneurship. They will be identifying a problem and creating a product or service to solve the issue and then pitching it to ‘prospective investors’.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mr Bassingthwaighte and Mr Thornton for making the time in such a busy term to listen and engage so eagerly with the Year 7 cohort.

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