Year 2 student Harry Greensmith has been holding plant sales out of his driveway, for the past two years. When he discovered how easily he could make money, he became motivated to help others with the funds he had raised.

Harry began been propogating cuttings from plants in his own garden and then with his dad built the plant stall. The youngster was involved with cutting, drilling and painting the stall.

Once Harry created enough plants to sell, he advertised through local Facebook groups. Taking photos of his plants himself, he helped create a poster. This year with the help of his parents, he advertised to the Somerset community. 

Harry designed the signs and priced up his goods. With the generous support of by both the local community and some of Somerset friends, he raised $557. 

The funds were split between the Tonga tsunami appeal and the Salvation Army's flood appeal. 

The first year Harry decided he wanted to raise money for a Save the Rhino charity and raised almost 170 pounds for a charity in the United Kingdom.

See Harry talking about his venture on Somerset Stream.

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