A date change and digital rehearsals… The show must go on! House pride is in full force as actors and directors rise to the challenge.

The new dates for the House Plays Festival are Thursday 3 and Friday 4 of March. It has been delightful to witness our directors transition from working online with their casts last week, into rehearsal rooms. The Roberts Centre is a hive of activity! Our directors and casts are displaying the IB Learner Profile attribute of being balanced, as they manage their rehearsal commitments alongside their academic, sport and life responsibilities for the next three weeks. The 2022 Festival will erupt with Norse mythology, explore the western and murder mystery genres, fight an army of zombies, and show an audience what happens when censorship goes too far.

Tickets will be on sale through the Events page of the College website in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out on Schoolbox for further information.

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