At Somerset College, we are dedicated to promoting excellence in all aspects of education. Our students embrace academic, cultural, social, spiritual and sporting opportunities.

The College believes that learning is more meaningful when students are active participants in the process, and we give our students the tools to live in a world where there are various worldviews.

We recognise the importance of developing students’ social skills and modes of human interaction (the journey outward) and learning situations that extend the physical, mental and spiritual abilities (the journey inward).

Somerset College is a non-selective school. Our only precondition is that students at Somerset adopt the culture of doing their best! We combine this aim with the highest possible levels of academic and pastoral care, a wealth of academic achievement programmes, the International Baccalaureate programmes and academic rigour. These are all balanced with a belief that adolescents will rise to the highest possible challenge placed before them.

We are committed to close and consistent communication with parents, a talented and committed staff and a positive and friendly school culture.