Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

Somerset College is a community of families where care for one another is fostered. Our focus is to empower young people through idealism and hope. We also aim to aid our students in their pursuit of self-identity, self-knowledge, self-discipline and self-fulfilment.

Somerset has a strong emphasis on fostering each student through pastoral care, healthy and constructive competition, recognition of individual achievements and attention and care for the differing needs of individual students. Students are encouraged to aspire to personal levels of excellence and to understand that they are all skilled in their own way.

We accept students with a wide range of abilities. We care for all students equally and the notion of excellence in education relates fundamentally to the desire to meet the needs of the students in our care.

Spiritual Foundations

Somerset College is an inter-denominational school in the Christian tradition, with its beliefs founded in the historic creeds. While accepting that students will be drawn from diverse faith traditions, the values of the College will be expressly Christian.

From its inception, the ethical and religious foundation of Somerset College has rested on its commitment to a Christian base. This has been implemented through inter-denominational Christian services, religious education and extensive personal development and pastoral care programmes provided to students. Embedded in these services is the aim to develop faith, morality, ethics, stewardship, social justice and self-responsibility.

The Christian influence pervades activity at the College and forms the basis for an educational focus which endeavours to show care, respect and tolerance for the individual.