The Foundation

The Somerset College Foundation was established in 1989 by the College Council to raise funds and allow the College to operate as independently as possible, particularly in its capital works programme. This was an initiative of Brian Ray, a foundation member of the College Council.

Imagine Somerset College without The Great Hall, the Ray Building, the Swimming Pool Complex, the Tennis Courts, and you would imagine a very different College and environment for our students.

The Somerset College Foundation has contributed substantially to the realisation of these facilities, and this support has often seen completion occur earlier than projected. The Foundation is committed to building excellence at Somerset College and seeks to support the many educational activities on offer.

Since it was established the Foundation has raised funds for both short-term and long-term purposes. It raises funds by being a conduit for philanthropic donations, for direct contributions and pledges made by Somerset parents and staff, for donations to achieve membership, and for funds actively raised by various Foundation events and initiatives.