The Need to Raise Funds

Almost all of the College's income, derived from school fees and government grants, is exhausted on the daily operational costs of the College and there are no significant excess funds available for the College's capital works programme.

If additional funds are not raised from the Somerset community for the provision of new buildings, and for the maintenance and improvement of existing buildings, then the number of projects able to be under-taken will be restricted. Quite simply, the provision of essential capital works such as the Great Hall will be more difficult and the process of realising a raft of projects, such as those in the current strategic plan, will be staged more slowly. If projects can be finalised more quickly, then a greater number of students will benefit over time.

As a result of past philanthropy and vision, the College has reached its present magnificent, campus-size relatively quickly, in 25 years or so. However, more needs to be done. The needs of the College have not diminished; indeed, they are more demanding from the maintenance perspective and because of the recent growth in the student cohort. Consider also, that the donation of funds for building will release other funds which are needed for additional purposes including purchase of musical instruments, sporting equipment and the like, and will also give the College the latitude to be innovative.

The Foundation is currently running an Appeal to raise funds for the construction of new athletic facilities for the College. Please consider the information available in the resources section of this page.

Projects identified in the College’s Strategic Plan, include:

  • Knowledge Information Precinct (completed)
  • Multi-Purpose Gymnasium (completed)
  • Student Services Hub (completed)
  • Chapel
  • Pre-Prep and Child Care Centre (completed)