The Foundation is administered by its directors, the current members of the Somerset College Board who allocate the funds and delegate the daily administration to the Headmaster.

The Management Committee runs the Foundation, promotes its goals and ensures that it makes progress raising funds. It is comprised of the Headmaster, representatives of the College Board, the Dean of Admissions, and nominated members.

The members of the current Management Committee are:

  • Mr Bede Young (Chairman, Member of the Somerset College Board, Parents' and Friends' Association Past President and Past Parent)
  • Mr Anthony Hickey (Chairman of Somerset College Board and Past Parent)
  • Mr Craig Bassingthwaighte (Headmaster, and Past Parent)
  • Mr Terry Herbert (Deputy Chairman of the College Board and Past Parent)
  • Mrs Louise Davidson (Member of the College Board and Past Parent)
  • Mr John Bacon (Dean of Admissions)
  • Mrs Annette Bartels (Past President of the Parents' and Friends' Association and Past Parent)
  • Dr Annette Allen (Past Parent)
  • Dr Michael Brohier (Deputy Headmaster and Past Parent)