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Senior School

Years 11 to 12

Image: Student Wellbeing - Senior

At Somerset, students have the choice of doing either Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) subjects, leading to an Overall Position (OP) or the International Baccalaureate Diploma, both pathways leading to the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE). This choice allows students to select a course that will best suite their learning styles and career plans.

Curriculum Years 11 and 12

The Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) regulations specify that students take five subjects over the two years or four semesters to be eligible for an Overall Position (OP) score. At Somerset, we insist that students take six subjects and included in the compulsory category is at least one of three types of mathematics.

The IB Diploma course is valued and recognised by all Australian and International universities. With the IB Diploma, students also take six subjects. Students taking the IB Diploma undertake a critical thinking course called The Theory of Knowledge, write an Extended Research Essay and carry out a range of creative, active and service activities (CAS). All senior students at Somerset, whether they be Diploma or OP students, undertake a critical thinking course and are encouraged to involve themselves in the full life of the College.

Subjects offered in Year 11 include:

  • English (OP and IB)
  • Mathematics A (OP)
  • Maths Studies (IB)
  • Mathematics B (OP)
  • Mathematics (Standard Level - SL) (IB)
  • Mathematics C (OP)
  • Mathematics (Higher Level - HL) (IB)
  • Chemistry (OP and IB)
  • Physics (OP and IB)
  • Biology (OP and IB)
  • Economics (OP)
  • Business Management (OP and IB)
  • Diploma of Business
  • Legal Studies (OP)
  • Information Technology Systems (OP)
  • Engineering Technology (OP)
  • Modern History (OP)
  • History (IB)
  • Ancient History (OP) (no IB equivalent offered)
  • Geography (OP and IB)
  • Philosophy and Reason (OP)
  • Philosophy (IB)
  • French (OP and IB)
  • German (OP)
  • German B (IB)
  • Italian (OP)
  • ab initio Italian (IB)
  • Japanese (OP)
  • Japanese B (IB)
  • Drama (OP)
  • Theatre (IB)
  • Music (OP and IB)
  • Music Extension (OP)
  • Visual Art (OP and IB)
  • Physical Education (OP) (no IB equivalent offered)
  • Film, Television and New Media (OP) (no IB equivalent)