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Senior School

Student Wellbeing

SS Student Wellbeing

The development of a caring community and a strong network of support for our students is central to our ethos and daily work.

Our pastoral programme extends throughout the College and is evidenced in myriad ways. Elements of our approach to pastoral care, such as information evenings for parents, visiting speakers working with students, Chapel services and outdoor education programmes are plain to see.

Much energy is directed toward fostering positive relationships between students and our staff within timetable House time, interactions in the grounds, during production rehearsals and on the playing fields, to name just a few occasions.

Our Wellbeing Programme

In recent years, we have worked more explicitly to further promote the wellbeing of our students. Our aim is to be even more confident we are preparing the young people in our care to become resilient people ready to make a worthwhile contribution to society.

This process began in 2011 by mapping all that we do with students both within and beyond the classroom. At these times, we are confident we are tailoring learning opportunities to meet the needs of our students as these activities are presented by our staff within a meaningful context. For example, students might learn why racial discrimination is inappropriate in History, or appreciate the importance of friendship when studying a novel in English.

Since 2012 we have made additions to this base material in an effort to reinforce learning we feel is particularly important when it comes to promoting students’ wellbeing. These activities have included a fresh approach to our Chapels and Year Level meetings, and an ongoing commitment to inviting appropriate guest speakers to the College.

We will continue to work with the Australian Council for Educational Research – using their Social-Emotional Wellbeing Survey to compare our students’ progress against over 20,000 students across the country. Early each year we ask our Year 7, 9 and 11 students to complete an online survey so we might benchmark our programme against other schools.

We are pleased our students’ wellbeing is already above the “All Schools” group who partake in this process. However, we are aiming to further improve our performance for the betterment of our student community.

Senior School Pastoral Care

The House Tutor is responsible for the wellbeing of all students within their vertical House Group.

House Tutors are also the first point of contact for parents and regularly communicate with home through the Student Diary. The Tutor knows each of their students intimately and is best placed to deal with issues as they arise. Students and Tutors look to their Head of House to assist with more persistent issues.

House System

Our Heads of House are Mr Sam Whish Wilson (Andrews), Ms Jacinta Hyman (Franklin), Mrs Sally Leslie (Laver), Ms Melinda Green (Starkey) and Mrs Lisa Beere (Veivers). Heads of House monitor students overall academic progress and their social and emotion development. Heads of House also work with their House Captains to involve students within the House in a range of sporting, academic and cultural competitions throughout the year.

Here to Help

In the first instance, Mrs Anne Rowe (Year 7 Co-ordinator) is responsible for the induction of new students in Year 7 and for the smooth transition of students from Year 6 to Year 7. In support of House Tutors, she deals with issues which are particular to students settling into the Senior School. Throughout the remainder of the year, Mrs Rowe is responsible for the physical, emotional and academic wellbeing of all students in Year 7 – working closely with Heads of House in this regard.

Ms Kate Cornell (Year 12 Co-ordinator) assists in providing support to Year 12 students in their final year. Based in the Senior Learning Centre alongside the Year 12s, she is available to mentor and provide advice throughout the day. Ms Cornell liaises with Heads of House to ensure our Seniors are fully supported throughout a challenging but ultimately rewarding time.