Somerset has a vibrant House system that involves all students at the College. Each student is assigned to a House group – Andrews, Franklin, Laver, Starkey or Veivers. The Houses participate in different cultural, academic and sporting activities throughout the year.

In the Senior School, Pastoral Care Groups are also established based on Houses meaning that students across different Year Levels, but all within the same House, are combined into ‘vertical’ Pastoral Care groups.

The House Tutor is responsible for the wellbeing of all students within their vertical Pastoral Care Group. They are the first point of contact for parents and regularly communicate with home through the Student Diary. The Tutor knows each of their students intimately and is best placed to deal with issues as they arise. Students and Tutors look to their Head of House to assist with more persistent issues.

Our Heads of House are Ms Bronwyn Lee (Andrews), Mrs Jacinta Hyman (Franklin), Mrs Sally Leslie (Laver), Ms Melinda Green (Starkey) and Mrs Lisa Beere (Veivers). Heads of House monitor students overall academic progress and their social and emotion development. Our Heads of House work with their student leaders to involve students within the House in a range of sporting, academic and cultural competitions throughout the year.

There is a wonderful sense of House spirit at Somerset, with the students taking great pride in their ‘tribes’. Each House is steeped in history and various competitions throughout the year ensure that the competitive spirit is kept alive.