Information Technology

Information and communication technologies provide members of the College community with the tools to be efficient, creative and innovative; and also to communicate and connect on a local and global scale.

In our use of Information and Communication Technologies, we are modelling to our students their responsible use. The use of Information Technology is not just about our staff and students being consumers, but also about enabling them to be producers in authentic ways.

We are committed to using Information Technologies for increased operational efficiencies for the benefit of Somerset, for better communication and to improve the outcomes for all stakeholders, and most importantly for our students and their learning. We are also aware of the need for balance and to recognise the times when face-to-face and physical resources and experiences are more beneficial.

We acknowledge that in a time of rapid change it is not enough to put devices in the hands of our staff and students; but instead, it is our responsibility to educate and shape their understanding of the potential use of digital tools for better outcomes for all.

What really matters is how information and communication technologies are used to encourage and lead to deep learning. At Somerset College, the focus is on the use of educational technology for the personal success of students and to produce engaged students with a global outlook.

As part of this, the devices, the infrastructure and the applications are important. However, even more important is moving beyond simply discussing devices toward the learning and pedagogy and the opportunities that Information Communication Technologies (ICTs) makes possible. We need to ensure that our use of ICTs is founded on solid research and through the implementation of pilot programmes where the effectiveness and impact of ICTs can be examined.

In our 21st century world, Information and Communication Technologies allow our students to be able to access the right information at the right time and to use this to build knowledge. The future looks to those who can be creative and innovative yet disciplined and considered, and ICTs play an important role in the development of these skills and in preparing them for their future.

Information Technology

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