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Students from Years 5 to 12 are able to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). A copy of the College’s BYOD policy can be found on this page, as well as guidelines and links to purchasing portals.

Minimum Recommended Specifications

The College publishes minimum recommended specifications which can be found on this page. These are the lowest specification for a laptop recommended by the College and designed to assist parents when purchasing a laptop.

You should also consider the following in addition when purchasing:

  • The year level your child is in. This may influence your decision around form factor. The size of the screen is reflected in the size of the keyboard.

  • Battery life – sufficient to last through the day

  • Apple Mac laptop versus Windows based laptops. Either are suitable and the College license for Microsoft Office software can be used on either. We recommend that the decision is based on family preference and experience, as students need to be comfortable with their platform of choice. Please note that Macs are sold as a standard range of devices meaning there is no specific Education line of devices with a toughened, reinforced physical shell. The 11.6” Mac Air laptops have been discontinued.

  • Students studying elective subjects from Year 9 of Visual Art, Design, Digital Technologies, Film and TV Media in the Senior School may wish to consider laptops with larger displays (13″-15″), 256-512 GB HDD and/or i7 processors. Students can discuss with their class teachers or IT Help Desk staff if required.

  • The College considers a laptop to be the most appropriate BYOD device to enhance student learning. If a student chooses to use an iPad as their BYOD device, it is their responsibility to ensure that they can confidently use Office software on the iPad and other common classroom requirements. An external keyboard is recommended.

  • We recommend that student’s BYO a mouse for use with their device and a set of headphones.

  • We recommend that a protective sleeve or case is purchased and used with the device and that consideration is given to insurance and accidental damage protection.

BYOD Parent Purchasing Portal Options

To assist parents in device selection we have worked with providers to bring up BYOD Parent Purchasing Portals. These portals aim to make the purchasing of a BYOD device simpler by offering a range of devices from ones that meet minimum specifications for the College to more advanced models. All laptops in the portals meet the Minimum Recommended Specifications listed on this page. Parents may use these portals to select a device, accessories, warranty extensions and ADP (accidental damage protection) plans. Payment options may be available.

Below is a brief explanation of the types of devices and options that can be found on the various BYOD portals. Please note that there are differences between the types of devices available, length of warranties and conditions on repairs and we do recommend that you carefully read all the information before making a decision. All transactions within the portals are between parents and the companies providing the portal. The College in now way benefits from any of these arrangements and provides these BYOD portals only as a service to parents and an option to simplify the options around choosing a BYOD device.

THE HP BYOD portal has an excellent range of HP laptops from entry level upwards to higher end devices and all devices come with a 3 year warranty. For each device, there is a different listed option that includes accidental damage protection (ADP). Delivery to your home and onsite repairs are at your home or workplace. _HP is offering an eCoupon code some5% for purchases between now and end of the year which will give an additional 5% discount. _

Use password - SomersetBYOD
This portal has a range of HP devices with 1 year warranty, Dell devices with 3 year warranties and Apple devices with education discount.

BYOD Software

Parents are not required to purchase or install any educational software for the student’s BYOD laptop. Students should visit the IT Help Desk in the Knowledge and Information Precinct for initial onboarding to the College wifi network. To assist with this, please ensure that your child has Administrator access to install software on their device.

As part of the College’s licensing, students have access to BYOD licenses for up to six devices for Microsoft Office, including Office for Mac, Adobe Design and Web suite and other educational software. Instructions for downloading Office software can be found on this page and instructions for all other BYOD software can be found by clicking here

Each student has access to 1TB of online storage in their College OneDrive account.

Anti-virus software

Installation of anti-virus software is highly recommended. Some devices may come with anti-virus software pre-installed. All Macs are required to have Avast (free) installed. All Windows PCs are required to have Defender or AVG installed. Anti virus software must be set to automatically update and run scans. A full scan is required before students first connect to the College wifi.

Labelling BYOD Laptops

Parents are advised not to engrave laptops as this may void warranty conditions. It is recommended parents clearly label laptops and laptop cases with their child’s name. Any peripherals such as a mouse should also be labelled.  

IT Helpdesk

The College has a fully staffed IT Helpdesk in the Knowledge and Information Precinct that operates from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday, where students can bring BYOD laptops for assistance with passwords, account access, wifi access, installation issues, diagnosis of hardware faults and other advice and support.