Primary Years Programme

The Primary Years Programme (PYP) is the curriculum framework for our students from Pre-Prep to Year 5, with a focus on developing the child as an inquirer. The PYP integrates and connects students' prior and new knowledge and experience in a meaningful way, allowing them to develop understandings about the world.

The PYP has six organising themes that address globally significant issues and allow for authentic learning experiences not confined to the boundaries of traditional subjects. Instead, students' learning occurs within transdisciplinary themes. 

The PYP values student agency and our students are encouraged to be actively engaged in making decisions about their learning. In our classrooms, students have opportunities to voice opinions, to make choices and ultimately experience a sense of ownership over their learning. Where possible, our students are actively involved in co-constructing success criteria, which in turn supports students’ self-efficacy. We honour and support student initiatives. 

In the PYP, learning from each other is valued. In our classrooms, we focus on building a culture where students see one another as valuable sources of learning, assistance and feedback and each day, they work to developing 21st century skills in collaboration and working with others.