Middle Years Programme

The Middle Years Programme (MYP) is our framework for learning in Years 6 to 10 and develops lifelong learners through a focused approach on skill development and a broad curriculum that encourages critical thinking. It requires students to learn for understanding and encourages students to learn by doing and experiencing.

Subjects are not taught in isolation, but rather through the global contexts, students are given the opportunity to develop their knowledge through a real-life lens and through interdisciplinary opportunities, see connections between the disciplines. The programme fosters an inquiry into human identity and global challenges. Through the Middle Years Programme, our students learn what it is to be global minded. 

The Middle Years Programme prepares students for future education. Every subject has rigorous learning objectives. With consistent assessment criteria, this means it is open and transparent, ensuring all students can reach their potential. The Middle Year Programme has an emphasis on critical and creative thinking, social and emotional well-being, and learning how to learn and is part of our commitment to developing well-rounded students. 

The Personal Project is the culminating learning experience for the Middle Years Programme. With a focus on the development of self-regulation, it empowers students to develop their talents and pursue a passion project through which they develop and showcase their skills and understandings. 

Throughout the Middle Year Programme, students participate in meaningful service activities and engage with their local and global communities. In doing so, they develop an awareness, understanding and sense of responsibility towards their community. We encourage our students to be empowered to act in response to the needs of the community.