Helping Hands - A Global Outlook Project

In 2024, our Year 11s are uniting as a cohort to fundraise to support the 25,000 to 50,000 children in developing nations who are amputees.

Globally there are 2,000 landmine accidents each month - one every 20 minutes. 95% of those in accidents are civilians and of those who survive, 75% suffer at least one amputation. That equates to 300,000 landmine-related amputees of which 20% are children.

Through our participation in the Helping Hands Program, we can make a difference. Through fundraising and then working in teams, we aim to build more than 30 much-needed prosthetic arms to send overseas to amputees. 

To donate an item for our online raffle being held in May this year, please click here.

Alternatively, if you would like to make a cash donation to assist us in purchasing unique raffle items, please click here.

Help us raise funds to provide Helping Hands

This year through our student-led fundraising, we are looking to raise $16,000 to purchase, then together in teams build, more than 30 prosthetic limbs and in the process change 30 lives. 

Visit the Helping Hands Program website to find out more about their work.