As a student who is part of the World Wrights Digital Media Club, I must say that it has been an amazing experience so far. 

The Club runs after school on Thursdays from 3.00pm to 5.00pm and offers a wide range of activities such as, using Blender (a professional 3D modelling software), 3D printing, programming/game development, Photoshop, and many other aspects. 

We also get the chance to work on personalised projects like recently creating a Mother's Day gift box using Blender, then 3D printing and finalizing with a bit of traditional painting. Mr Will Hazelton, a professional 3D artist and an alumni to Somerset College, volunteers his time to mentor us, and his guidance has been invaluable to the club and creating an extraordinary experience. 

The fun Year 6s are part of the group and also make it a fun and enjoyable way to spend the afternoon. Overall, World Wrights is an excellent club that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in digital art, design, and game development.

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