On Tuesday 15 June, the Year 10 Economics students were treated to the amazing stories told from Mr Bassingthwaite, Mrs McLaughlin and Mr Kemp about their journey working overseas before coming to Somerset. 

Mrs McLaughlin first talked about her trip working around the world. She started in England where she was born, however moved to Hong Kong to pursue her rugby and to escape the English weather. She then travelled to Singapore where she worked at an international school and had her first child. 

We then moved onto Mr Kemp who informed us as well about working in England. He worked at Dulwich College which is a prestigious boys boarding school and allowed him to travel around the rest of Europe easily. 

Finally, Mr Bassingthwaite spoke to us about his time in the United States at one of the most famous schools in the world, with amazing facilities including hockey rinks, indoor tennis courts and a golf course just to name a few (not to mention having the infamous ‘Ford’ children attending there). He then moved to England where his children attended St Anne’s before coming back to Australia to become headmaster at Somerset College.

We appreciate all three teachers for taking their time from their schedules to come and inform us with their past experiences. This information will be greatly used for our upcoming assignment which entails of providing an answer whether or not to work in another country. 

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