The Year 10 APS Netball Squad is a collective of fun, skill and a love for the game. We are all truly blessed to have the opportunity to train and play in world class facilities, under the guidance and support of amazing coaches. 

The Year 10 APS Netball Team is best described through the words of Kadeen Corbin, a 2018 Commonwealth Games Netball Gold Medallist from England, “If you’re really passionate about the game, you’ll always put your best foot forward. Whatever position you’re put in, that’s the passion you have to get the turnovers, to get the shots in and pass the ball to your team-mates. That’s the passion you need to have for the game and the drive you need to succeed. If you’ve got that passion, then you’ll always be there at training and you’ll be a real team player.” Kadeen Corbin, Team England. 

Our Squad is comprised of dancers, gymnasts, runners and musicians, with one common element that bonded this team of athletes together - our PASSION and love of the game AND our grit and determination to think, act and play as a winning team which has led us to success. We look forward to the years of APS Netball ahead and enjoying the experiences, wins and fun times that are yet to come.

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