What will draw out the words “I love you Mum” on Sunday? Magic kisses that can’t take away the pain, but mysteriously ease the hurt.

Words that actually say nothing, but somehow are just the advice you need to hear. A hug with little strength, but enormous power. An intuition that is rarely logical, but nearly always right. These are just a few of the reasons we love our mothers every day; but will want to really celebrate them on Sunday.

On Mothers’ Day we are not celebrating how wonderful mothers are, which in most cases is incredible, we are thanking them for all they have been and the many amazing things they have done, often at a great personal price.

This Mothers’ Day make sure you take some time out from the froth and bubble – breakfast in bed, flowers and chocolates and presents, the lunch when all the family comes together – and spend some time reflecting on the beautiful memories.

Dwell on all the times she left her work or recreation to help you with your projects. Relive when she held you close while you cried out your fears or frustrations. Recall the words of encouragement that made you try harder, and the words of praise that helped you accept that you had done well. Visualise those tender moments when she was the only one who seemed to understand you. Laugh at the memory of the carefree, or sometimes just stupid, things she has done when she has been enjoying her family.

Above all, if they exist, put aside any frustrations, disappointments, or enmities; this is not the day for them and giving them voice will provide no comfort. It is in focusing on the good and happy thoughts that the power to overcome the negative ones is found.

And when all is done, be sure to give her words of thanks for your fond recollections. Write them in your cards, say them with your gifts, announce them in your toasts and, as you leave, whisper them in her ear and follow them with the most powerful words in the world “I love you Mum.”

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