In any ‘normal’ year I would say I have the greatest job in the world. I love music, I love the primary years, and I love teaching and learning.

This month has perhaps been the most significant time of adjustment I have experienced in my teaching career and I’ve taught remote!

A new school, a new (and incredibly beautiful) classroom, a few hundred new students and a new team of colleagues. I had done it before and I could certainly do it again! Then came Covid-19, an entirely remodelled approach to teaching and learning and I am sure, a few grey hairs on my head!

I am such an ardent advocate for my subject with consideration to the intrinsic value music carries in the development of the whole child. I have missed making music with students, guiding them in their learning and sharing in their moments of discovery and creativity. I have missed the community aspect of the arts, choral work, folk dances, singing games, instrumental ensembles and the buzzing lead up to an important event.

In this time, I have found it helpful to focus my energy on ‘silver linings’.

I have – for the first time in my professional career – met the teachers before their students! I have developed new instructional skills and explored new ways of approaching learning tasks. I have held successful zoom sessions with over 90 students at a time and have stretched myself as close to a fifth Wiggle as I could possibly ever be comfortable with! I have met students in the comfort of their own home and gained insight into their personal styles and interests. Most importantly, I have indulged in being a learner again!

I am sincerely looking forward to welcoming the students back to school in the coming weeks and taking care of them on their musical journey this year!

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