Our Rowing programme continued over the summer break with a Christmas Row, lots of Learn to Row sessions and some strong efforts in the fitness centre with Emma Sturges. School holidays are always an opportunity for rowers to engage in extra activities and make new friends.

Christmas Shed

The last row of the year is always a chance to celebrate. Athletes dress up to get in the spirit and there is a Kris Kringle round to give everyone a smile. With 20 athletes still rowing over Christmas in an early preparation phase, it gives them a chance to focus on some strength and conditioning skills in the fitness centre, as well as refining some on water skills without the pressure of competition.

Christmas Row

The Learn to Row Programme was bursting at the seams with nearly thirty new athletes giving rowing a go over the break. Starting in quads, before moving to single sculls, it didn’t take long for the new rowers to pick up the tricky art of moving a boat. While mastering the capsize drill was a refreshing dip, it won’t take long till the next focus is the Inter House regatta. In eight weeks’ time the new rowers will line up for their first racing challenge, and if the Learn to Row programme is anything to go by, it will be a great day of racing for the new rowers.

Learn to Row

Sign up is still open for all students. Please look for the information in the Schoolbox notices. It is never too late to give rowing a go, and everyone is welcome to join us at the shed.

An information session will be held Saturday 20 February.

Should you have any questions, please email prichards@somerset.qld.edu.au

Be A Spartan!

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