As you may know, Somerset never stands still! This year the famous and brilliant Somerset Wordsmiths Creative Writing Club will extend to the Junior School.

Dear Parents,

We are opening a Junior Wordsmiths Club for Years 5 and 6, starting in Term One. The Junior Wordsmith club will be after school and with two sessions per Term from 3.45pm till 5.00pm or a bit longer! (5.30). Members will be handed the list of dates for the year at the first meeting, which will be on Wednesday 3 February starting at 3.45 pm. The Venue is still be decided depending on numbers.

Who should join?

The focus of the club is not ONLY on the best English students. Membership is available and free to join for anyone and everyone. This is the concept behind the club. No selection, no hurdles to jump, no caveats, simply an interest in writing and by extension, in reading. Of course, by joining and participating, students will become better writers, readers and speakers of the language.

We will of course do lots of extension exercises but they will be disguised as FUN activities. In addition, there will be a focus on Writing, Creating Original work, reading Poetry (which I expose them to), Critiquing their own work, Sharing, actually Reading and Performing aloud and finally entering External Competitions.

The theory behind this is to let them know that Art per se, is not elitist but that every person is capable at some level of unleashing their creativity and then using it in every other sphere of their lives.

I would aim to have a performance night each term where parents would be invited to hear their kids perform. You will be thrilled to hear your children reading original work.

Students will need to email their interest in being members to my email at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected] by Tuesday 2 February, with a simple expression of interest.

Example: Dear Dr Brohier, I will attend the first session of Junior Wordsmiths on Wednesday at 3.45pm.Followed by name and class.

Please note that this first session will be a ‘Try before Buying session’ and students are perfectly free to decide not to attend after the first session.

Kind Regards and welcome back to what I am sure will be a fantastic 2021.

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