This week the Pre-Prep friends have been making delicious pumpkin scones, taking a recipe and following the steps takes organisation and cooperation in a small group.

Exploring a whole pumpkin, looking at the seeds and thick skin, prompts conversations about where food comes from and how important farmers are.

Carefully chopping slices of pumpkin into smaller pieces to cook for our recipe helps develop fine motor control.  

Following a recipe provides an example of a procedural text and develops number and letter recognition.

Measuring and weighing ingredients helps explore the concepts of quantity and weight.

Kneading the dough and cutting out the scone shapes, requires taking turns and encourages oral language development.

After baking the scones, the best part is eating the end product! After being involved in cooking sessions, many Pre-Prep students will sometimes try eating foods that they may not usually eat, (particularly when their friends are all trying some).

So much skill development in weekly cooking sessions that are so much fun. 

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