A highlight of the Year 10 Drama curriculum involves our students working in collaboration with Queensland Theatre. Each year, schools from around the state access a newly commissioned script. 

In 2022 the playscript is Chromatown, written by Suzie Miller. The rules of Scenes are simple, create a 15-minute performance. The script can be cut, new work can be devised, it is basically a choose your own adventure with set, props and technology limited to whatever you can pack onto a bus. 

This collaborative project encourages the sharing of ideas and allows our students to explore an avenue of creativity that interests them, including writing, script editing, designing, acting, and directing. The final step is taking the new work to Brisbane, to perform at QT’s Billie Brown Theatre. 

This year’s text explored the impact of open cut mining through a fictional, colour draining substance called Chroma. It allowed students to consider this issue through the differing perspectives of many voices within a community and then use this understanding to frame their dramatic meaning. 

Our students were fortunate to have Suzie Miller in the audience on their Outcome Day, adding further determination for them to share their story with focus and commitment. In the afternoon schools witnessed the professional production of Chromatown, directed by Travis Dowling, and sat together for a debrief session, analysing, evaluating and (most importantly) supporting the artistic journey of all involved. 

Outcome Day offers our drama students important access to professional arts practitioners. They are encouraged to ask questions, learn about career pathways, and forge connections with people who share their passion for creating. Based on work shared by all schools involved, the future of theatre in Queensland is in capable hands.

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