As part of our communication strategy for 2021 and beyond, we continue to be committed to communicating with our community about our events and the Somerset Experience in relevant and meaningful ways. In 2020, we communicated in a range of new and innovative ways that added to the existing, and in 2021 we will continue to build on these successes.

At the end of 2020, a range of parents participated in a Communication Survey that provided us with valuable feedback. Overwhelmingly the feedback was positive and especially endorsed new directions in 2020 such as the livestreaming of signature College events and our introduction of the Spartan Stream, our first foray in news on all things sport in a video format. In 2021, we remain committed to continuing to livestream key events and allowing parents and extended family to share in these events.

Spartan Stream was created with the ultimate aim, if successful, of launching Somerset Stream. In 2021, we’ll move to Somerset Stream and Spartan Stream being produced on alternating weeks. Our feedback on the Somerset Times was very positive and Somerset Times will still continue on the alternate week to Somerset Stream, as a valuable source of College news. Moving to a video format allows us to incorporate more of a dialogue about College life, help to put faces to names, whilst also capturing and sharing dynamic content of key events.

Both our Somerset Stream and Spartan Stream are inherently focused on our student voice, with a wide range of roles from hosting, reporting and behind the camera production work. We’re excited about the opportunities for our students and that we will have to share throughout the year from all ages right across the College. We hope that you’ll keep a look out for the Somerset and Spartan Streams on a Friday afternoon.

We also look to use our College Instagram this year in a more targeted way to share the Somerset Experience. Every week, our students are involved in an amazing range of activities, both inside and outside the classroom. Our aim is for different student groups and year levels to have the opportunity to be guest 'hosts' for the week on our Instagram and bring their passions, successes and outreach to the wider community.

Our College life continues to be vibrant at all year levels and in so many ways. We look forward to sharing more of these experiences with you in 2021.

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