In Thursday Week 1, the Wordsmiths started 2021 in style with our first workshop for the year! With an amazing group of students all keen and ready to have some creative fun, we can already tell it is going to be an incredible year for our budding writers, performers and poets.

We met in the Brohier Learning Centre, and the Wordsmiths were firstly introduced to the 2021 Wordsmiths Leadership Team including the Captains Lilliana Swainson and Sofie Smith, Poet Laureate Giulia Provenzano, our Editor Calvin Walther and the Editorial Team Helena Hagan, Anna Hori and Gaelle Nicolau. Students were then introduced to the Wordsmiths staff including Dr Brohier, Mr Walther, Ms Lee and Mr George.

To start the evening, the Wordsmiths creatives were challenged with different imaginative exercises working both individually and in groups. It was great to see students bouncing ideas off each other and taking the opportunity to share their amazing work. We are so proud of the work created already and we look forward to showcasing these original and innovative pieces in the 2021 Wordsmiths book which is organised and assembled by the Editor and the Editorial Team.

We are all so thrilled for the upcoming year with many exciting opportunities including the popular Write a Book in a Day, Wordsmiths Retreat and Storyfest as well as some new opportunities being offered this year including Coffee Shop Sessions and Junior Wordsmiths (for Year 5 to 6 students).

Our next Wordsmiths session is Week 5 on Wednesday 24 February at 6.00pm to 8.00pm in the Brohier Learning Centre. Further information can also be found on the Wordsmiths Schoolbox page.

We would like to also thank our Dr Brohier for his dedication and support of Wordsmiths.

We look forward to sharing with you the amazing creative work by the Wordsmiths Committee in 2021!

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