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The study of Drama allows both individuals and groups to explore, shape and symbolically represent ideas and feelings and their consequence. The Drama Department offers many opportunities for students to participate in extra-curricular activities.

Drama allows for shaping and expression of meaning through human interaction, role and character, focus and dramatic tension, movement and dramatic action, sound and voice, language and text, space and time, mood, symbol and contrast. Opportunities to perform vary from year to year. Rehearsal time for these activities does require commitment and involves some after school hours.

The House Play Festival

The House Play Festival is a friendly competition in which the true spirit of ensemble theatre comes to the fore.

Since its inception in 1991, the Somerset College House Play Festival has been one of the highlights of the College’s cultural calendar. Under the leadership of Year 11 and/or 12 Directors, each House prepares and presents a play over two evenings at the end of Term One. Students in Years 7 to 12 are able to audition for these plays.

Whilst Drama staff and Heads of House guide students throughout the process, the plays are selected, directed, produced and performed by students.

Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival

The Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival is an annual event that allows students to showcase their Drama skills at a district level.

The festival permits schools to enter a One Act Play within the three divisions of competition:

  • Junior Section (Years 7 and 8)

  • Intermediate Section (Years 9 and 10)

  • Senior Section (Years 11 and 12)

These plays are directed by members of staff and/or Senior students. The festival occurs in August and is held at various school theatres and performance spaces across the Gold Coast. The rehearsal process for these plays is fast paced and intensive. As this event occurs out of class hours, students who participate in this activity understand the commitment and time that is required.

Over the past years, Somerset has achieved successful results in the Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival, with many of our actors and directors going on to pursue a career in the Performing Arts.